"RT Controllers"

This is a repost of a song I put up in Jan. 2006. I changed the name because it was too much like some non-US TV show or something that was drawing insane amounts of unwanted traffic. Otherwise the post and the song are the same as they were.

rt controllers

"RT Controllers" [mp3 removed].

The Sidstation synth feels like a real black box sometimes--there are weird wavetable sequences programmed into the presets that don't come out unless you hold notes a certain way, and/or never come out the same way twice. "RT Controllers" is tightly organized (and short) and combines several hardware and software synths, but burbling in and around the regular sixteenth notes are these unpredictable "Commodore 64 game" swoops and blurps that the Sid just seems to make of its own accord. I've been avoiding overt videogame references but more and more I just want to let this machine go its own way, as Stevie Nicks might say.