Telic Arts Exchange Installation

Internet and Non-Internet: Below are shots of my show at Telic Arts Exchange's Distributed Gallery, consisting of four locations in Los Angeles' Chinatown neighborhood. Many thanks to Sean Dockray for the photos, interview, and curating. Below, each photo is preceded by the GIF on the monitor in the photo. A map with the location names is here. [Update, Nov. 2020: All of the links are dead. The text of the interview is here.]

Extensible Cluster:

telic 1

Gradient Squares:

telic 2

Gradient Circle:

telic 3

OptiDisc (Large Bits):

telic 4

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yet another day in file sharing court

"What's this man's crime?"
"Busking near the the town fountain."
"Singing what?"
"'When You Wish Upon a Star.'"
"Without paying royalties?"
"Prison and a $200,000 fine. And if he's homeless, taser him."

A thin smile played across the face of the record company executive seated in the back of the courtroom.