"Song 9 (Wipeout) - 2009 Remix"

"Song 9 (Wipeout) - 2009 Remix" [mp3 removed]

Another redo--made it essentially monaural so the bass is in the center rather than the inexplicable hard pan. The original post from 2 years ago is still up because the stereo effects, gone here, seemed worth preserving.
All done with the Electribe Rmkii - except the rather pivotal bass note which is an "audio in" from an analog drum machine gated by the Electribe step keys.

electribe rmkii

Don't Care What Matthews Has to Say

The proclivity of left bloggers to embrace establishment figures when they say something agreeable annoys. For example, from the MyDD site (but I saw similar words elsewhere):

Only three years ago, Chris Matthews announced that the only Americans who didn't like the President were "real whack-jobs, maybe on the left."

But finally, on the eve of Bush's departure, Matthews finally summons the gumption to criticize our commander-in-chief.

Followed by a YouTube clip of Matthews spewing whatever hot air he spewed. Matthews is an asshole with a media megaphone that allows him to drown out the rest of us with his small opinions. He's not a menu with some good meals and some bad meals.

Also Bush isn't, and was never, our "commander in chief." Nor will Obama be. It's in the U.S. Constitution, duh.