screen captures cont'd


From the Robert Wodzinski/pngmess flickr page.
Another screen capture example, with the brevity and clarity of a Paul Feeley '60s color field painting and the texture of tie-dyed fabric but you know it's a fragment of something: the red/green seam suggests a photoshoppy blurring.

This image needs a white space around it to work.

Update: Written in the style of Roger Fry, who described God, in a Renaissance painting he was lecturing about, as the "dominant central mass."

Update 2: The capture improves google's "arty" new favicon, which tries to be Miro but looks more like Sister Mary Corita, by giving it the Uta Barth treatment. That said, captures generally fare better as art when the references aren't topical or something to be "gotten" (or not gotten, in my case, before Paddy Johnson pointed out what it was).

"Minimal House Max"

"Minimal House Max" [mp3 removed]

A very compressed "house" riff with overlaid tunes courtesy a Pro-53 preset called "Hot Bass" and some more dubby percussion bits.

Update, 2013: Replaced with a slightly louder version.

"Rithmatic c4 hiFnoisereduc"

"Rithmatic c4 hiFnoisereduc" [mp3 removed]

No comment on whether this is a parody or a specimen of the noise/drill and bass genre. Broke my analog filter making the grumbly panning bass notes and had to take it to the repair shop.

"Tasteful Triphop (2009 Remix)"

"Tasteful Triphop (2009 Remix)" [mp3 removed]

Shuddered when I saw how this was mixed 3 years ago. No one explained the concept of "headroom" to me. The most interesting sound here results from a drastically clipping note, however, so ignorance has its uses. This version replaces the one originally posted. A "steady state" piece.