"Flat Beetles"

"Flat Beetles" [mp3 removed]

Motifs written for FM7 and Sidstation samples, respectively, alternating and occasionally layered, with some 808-lite percussion coming in near the end.

Charles Westerman's Music

Charles Westerman posted some great music to Nasty Nets recently.

The song "Jumpout" has a URL here.

Also liked "Piper," "Saxonph," "h," and "Malnutrition," which are scattered around various recent Nasty Nets threads.

Defaults electro, yeah--the volkswagen of music (as Can used to call themselves).

Westerman also posted a text transcript for a Nasty Nets live chatroom/cam thing that happened at Sundance (and that I unfortunately missed), which is kind of fun to skim.

"00:31 dreamfroth : time for a soft boot"

browser rage

Four posts in a row, from my twitter:

a good chunk of my old blog's enlarged GIF art is now tastefully fuzzed out in Firefox 3 - I may have to delete as it makes me hurl

I can't say enough how much I love my Firefox 3 zoom view. i want to live in an anti-aliased, Steve Jobs kind of world (/sarcasm)

who developed Firefox 3, by the way, bonobo apes?

firefox 3 now fuzzes out html-enlarged GIFs. Safari is always a good model to follow, I think (/sarcasm)

Of course, I can take all those years' posts and resize the art frame by frame and repost it so it looks like it's supposed to look when you type the html command to enlarge the pixels ("nearest neighbor"-like as opposed to bicubic-like). That would be fun. Or just accept what some folks have reminded me, "making art on the web is not about control, every browser is different." Except when they are all the same, following the highly successful Safari model.