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dennis hollingsworth

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Haven't written about artist Dennis Hollingsworth in a while. He has a good statement up about what his blog is about. The idea of a virtual studio visit compels--this should be a legitimate subject for art writing. The critic could talk about the blog-studio and relate it to what s/he knows about the work. In Hollingsworth's case, photos convey a sense of the complexity of the paintings but his detailed explanations of studio practices, tools, and preparations for exhibitions make a subject unto themselves. One could talk about images of the paintings, as images, without presuming to say they are the same as the work.* (Have done some of the above in previous posts.)

Hollingsworth speaks confidently about his art and his response to some critics after a discussion on my old blog is a marvel of studio Jiu-Jitsu. I recommend this to certain new media people who are touchy about criticism and only respond passively--criticism provides an opportunity to talk about your program, if you have a program.

*See also Martin Kippenberger and the Virtual Surface