"AZ Dub 2 (Bass)"

"AZ Dub 2 (Bass)" [mp3 removed]

Added a "wonky" bass line to previously-posted tune, which changed it quite a bit. Actually the bass reminds me more of the ARP synth Bolz-Bolz was using in its techno songs a few years back. In any case, LFO-driven filter sweeps, a kind of extreme tremolo.

"GoBox Rompbox"

"GoBox Rompbox" [mp3 removed]

A melody from an earlier song played at a couple of speeds with a percussion break performed on the Reaktor "goBox" synth. Some added percussion from someone else's Elektron Machinedrum samples.

Wonky, Zomby, etc

A YouTube link a few posts back was to a p.d.-recommended tune "Liquid Dancehall" by Zomby, which I find sublime and sublimely idiotic.
Simon Reynolds mentions Zomby in a post today about Ketamine-influenced dance music. Seems "zombie" is UK club jargon for k-users. Also "wonky" is slang for ketamine and that's also the name of the brand of dubstep Zomby produces. OK.

CNBC and the Current Financial Crisis

Jon Stewart makes fun of the losers at CNBC (an all-business TV channel) for calling everything wrong in the current financial crisis.
This is in response to the rant by ignorant trader/commentator Rick Santelli blasting government attempts to help distressed homeowners.
A devastating run of clips shows the blow dried happy talkers on Santelli's network (or faux-angry talkers such as the revolting Jim Cramer) making one prediction or assessment after another that is almost immediately proven to be drastically wrong.
[hat tip shm]