vvork twitter

copied and pasted:

floor-to-ceiling stacks of random cardboard boxes make decorative columns flanking museum doorway
oddly-cropped erotic photo titled "WATER IN MILK EXISTS"
superimposition: de Kooning woman over Raphael madonna; Pollock over Titian female nude
eel shaped Calderesque mobile titled "black woman pope"
black foam blocks in mesh bags of synthetic rope plopped around gallery or hanging from ceiling
lush, vanitas-style floral still life (photo or photoreal painting)
suspended lightbulb dangles over grid and and concentric circles on floor
floodlight in gallery behind chain link fence made of powder-coated steel and PVC-coated wire mesh
woman fellating a microphone - a Quicktime of this was posted last spring; this is a photo (same performer?)
cubist-style video of famous cubist painting; illegible pipe apparatus on conjoined tripods
light grey painting on white wall traces where sunlight falls through gallery window pane
delicious.com page where bookmarks and descriptions are solid bands of blue and grey, produced using ANSI coding, per the caption
collaged map of island with backstory about Arctic town relocated due to mining-caused instability
giveaway bootleg cds on crude plinth; dymaxionesque capital G in orange and white
empty studios of company that organizes large-scale orgies filmed before and after one of their events
video documenting British army jet fighters drawing heart in sky screened for three days on top of hotel
color sample chart painted on apartment building
installation photo with painting of silhouetted couch (background), computer monitor (middle), white statuette of panther (foreground)
crystalline molecular diagram on sewn fabric or carpet swatches; computer drawing of elaborate geometric game board in public plaza
starscape captioned "part of eternity"
large chain link fence letters in urban mall spelling words "grand public," photographed backwards
gestural drawings resembling cave formations, chromosomes
man riding dinner table with outboard motor in green water
illegible toroid in laser show display case
angular, minimal house of cards-like structure made of grey slabs
eight faint lines on graph paper
artist/geographer lecture about US black sites, classified projects, secret military patches (YouTube)
photo of early '90s kids watching TV snow; link to video
Before any decision he has to make, artist sends his options to the exhibition’s computer and waits until a visitor decides for him
spinning polygon crystal GIF alternates between black & white and color (reds)
photo of auto accident with playground equipment in background
large axonometric drawings of playground equipment
photo captioned "touristes" of couple wearing photo-imprinted sweatshirts
man poses with infinity symbol on chain link partition in gallery
cloud of stickers (? - hard to read in photo) on mirrored gallery wall
deleuzean manifold sighted in underground parking lot
installation shot of vvork-curated exhibition