Night at the Ex

"Night at the Ex," video by Jacob Stein: [YouTube]

Cropped clip [405 KB .gif -- looping]

Cropped clip [881 KB .mp4 -- html page removed -- no loop]

The Stein vid was posted in the comments to Nasty Nets. It's a camera following a girl in battery-operated devil horns as she walks around a fairground with Beck's "Gamma Ray" on the soundtrack. Banal, ordinary but very watchable, lots of depth and multilayered movement. In the clip I made, note all the levels of action going on simultaneously: boys running through funhouse tube, jumping, turning to the right, tube rotating, girl swiveling head, devil horns blinking, carousel lights flashing in the background, guy at back of tube who might be filming (?). De Palma-esque trigonometry on a budget.