"Bass Twelve"

"Bass Twelve" [mp3 removed]

A pretty straight up house tune, using the Mutator filter on the bass line that runs through the whole thing. Or maybe it's eccentric as heck and only sounds straight up to me. I'm a sucker for pad sounds like this--it's what I always listened for when scouting out DJ-ing vinyl.

"Wonky Wank"

"Wonky Wank" [mp3 removed]

More of that damn filter-tremoloed "wobble bass." This is psychedelic and I think pretty fun. Your basic bass attack.

Update: revised by adding a prog blues synth line to perk up the middle section.

"Slow GoBox"

"Slow GoBox" [mp3 removed]

Rework of "GoBox Rompbox" - added a more prominent bassline and a second rendition of the main melody that precedes, follows, and plays in unison with the original. Also made it longer and opened it up so some of the percussive bits could be better heard. 80 bpm and proud.