My bird could play that

YouTube of birds perching on an electric guitar neck, unconsciously dispensing power chords. (posted by bustram) [update, 1/1/2012: video removed by user--why?]

Prefer this to the famous Schoenberg cats, which subtly reinforce bubba dislike of modern music. These birds are creating their own score (although the digital delay helps quite a bit) and the artist who set it up isn't showing off I-hate-it-but-I-really-like-it musical acumen: creating a highly structured work product around a highly structured score to imply (without really meaning it, natch) that the score is just random splooge. What is the point of that?

Hat tip Disquiet - the link to the birds came up in the course of a discussion of the new Oval disc (first in many years from Markus Popp). Haven't heard the recording but it sounds like Popp's old fans are mostly dancing around that it (i) isn't anything like the '90s records that they loved and (ii) possibly is mediocre.