Why oil must gush


An unnecessary stimulant drink invaded my neighborhood yesterday for an unnecessary "air race." Sorry to go all treehugging killjoy, but the hyperactive gnat-like engine sounds could be heard for miles. Impossible not to think of all that oil gushing into the gulf and what stubborn oafs we are about our pleasures.

One person loved it, though (from the NY Daily News):

"U-S-A! U-S-A!" chanted Jeff Samelson, 30, a PR executive from the upper East Side, as the first U.S. pilot flew through the first obstacle.

"How could you not love this? Seeing these machines fly so fast through the air, turn on their sides in less than a second, and have a hot dog in your hand?" he said. "I'm on cloud nine right now."

Could easily not love it.

Update: The race is still going on today. Bike paths are blocked for temporary bleachers and concessions. All for the sake of promoting some dubious "energy drink" from the private sector.

Update 2: If anyone wants to question this blog's carbon footprint (it's been done), no one on our staff owns a car or air conditioner so we get to burn up some electrons posting funny pictures.