twitter faves

from the past few months:

disquiet - City living means that a slight alteration in the sound of your neighbor's shower suggests that a new nozzle has been purchased.

dream_froth3 - "lame-ass, jive, pseudo bluesy, out-of-tune, noodling, wimped out, fucked up playing"

WIZARDISHUNGRY - Do i want to listen to Xenakis or Shonen Knife covering the Mr. T Experience?

WIZARDISHUNGRY - "If you practice traditional Chinese medicine, use a sustainable alternative to seahorses."

dream_froth3 - too much caffeine: CD drive just opened cuz a CD was done burning, and I thought it was an animal walking towards me

dream_froth3 - "you'd need many years to transmit a compressed uploaded mind at that bit rate!"

dreamyshade - there comes a time when you've watched all the good episodes of star trek tos but feel strangely compelled to watch all the wtf ones too

dream_froth3 - "SQUIRTLES ALL THE WAY DOWN" - SS

dzucconi - got kicked out of gagosian

willsimpson - Sat next to a guy at the movies with tourettes and asthma. He let us know when someone was holding a gun, etc.

willsimpson - Literally watching paint dry

pupsintrouble - Those oregon trail fucks were some real pussies. yep.

WIZARDISHUNGRY - Watching all of TNG goes by pretty fast if you don't watch episodes w/ Wesley Crusher or involving psychic rape!

pupsintrouble - Hydrocodone bloodshot eyes drinkin baily's in the backyard this shit is a real life avatar

willsimpson - Someone just compared Avatar to Princess Mononoke and I lashed out at them

pupsintrouble - Cabbie talkin to his girlfriend about eatin sulphur to kill her tapeworms. wanna chime in but scared too

disquiet - Headlines that don't mean what I think they mean: "Primus buying distressed U.S. property"

artfagcity - New most loathed art word: triangulation.

willsimpson - USB bolo tie

dream_froth2 - "While cyborgs are commonly thought of as mammals, they can be any kind of organism."