Human Kibble Winter 2010 Catalog

Am participating in this fine publication/exhibition, just posted today:

Human Kibble Winter 2010 Catalog
A group GIF collaboration organized by Duncan Alexander

Collections by:
Fabien Mousse
Jennifer Chan
Jermaine Davis
Jeffrey Henderson
Luis GCN
Maxwell Paparella
Michael Manning
Mary Rachel Kostreva
Nick Marcus
Chris Shier
Stage Baker
Tom Moody

Am not sure if human kibble is dogfood for people or something like Soylent Green, but most products advertised in the catalog are not pet food. Mine were hardware--couplings and tool chests. The way the show worked is, Alexander posted real retail catalog pages that he found, and participants were asked to make GIFs of them. The pages were so middlebrow it was a serious challenge to think of anything creative to do with them. Mine are under-manipulated, but I wanted the essential banality of the original layouts to shine through.

Update: Sentences reordered for journalistic "flow."

Update 2: JO says Human Kibble is a reference to Philip K Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?--haven't read it in a while, will hunt for an excerpt.