life trumps art again - or does it?

YouTube comedy gold via Joe McKay: Minecraft FIREE WTFFFFFFF!!!!!

This is one of those "net artists, just give up" YouTubes, in that it is more dramatic, visually enthralling, and its own weird way, thought provoking than your typical artist fodder. Like, could something like this be engineered as a deadpan comedy act, a la Buster Keaton walking unawares through a collapsing building, or the venerable "kitchen demo gone wrong" or do we rely on our belief in its authenticity as a "digital accident" to find it funny? Are such accidents really possible on this dramatic scale and is that why gaming remains popular? (Obviously demos trump games around here.) It's good either way, of course. I like how the camera plays a role, a la the scene in The Birds where more crows appear on the jungle gym every time the viewer "cuts away."