twits i forgot i wrote

a computer should be a stumbling block on the way to creativity (unless you built it yourself); people who "love" theirs need help

the art world keeps reconstituting itself with the rise of each new networking software while its reasons to be cohesive keep dropping away

feeling like Bruce Dern in Silent Running explaining why a canteloupe is good

reading about art doctrinal disputes in the 19th century is more fun than participating in them in the 21st

"if you missed the social factors that shaped my work as an artist then you aren't paying attention to an important part of art"

interior colonization - measuring the success of your hatred of art world insiders by whether they pay attention to you

all art made for the internet is doomed - everyone always says this but I'm starting to believe it

re: twitter's simplicity - someone realized the essence of the web isn't "rich media" crapola - and it's working - until someone wrecks it

isolated examples of work cause anxiety and lack the cohesion necessary to make a judgment as to their value

was arguing with a writer tonight who believed all outsiders can ultimately be co-opted; I disagreed, citing people with repugnant views

artist at opening tonight: "I hope you find someone to argue with"

i want to make sculptures but I do not want a house full of sculpture

reading old journals. I'm happier than I used to be but thought I was happy at the time

hat tips to dream_froth2 and dream_froth3