late troemers

Wrote this email to a writer who had seen my name referenced on the Brad Troemel "minor league" thread. The writer took the subject of Troemel's article to be how emerging artists are employing the internet (social media and blogs) to self-promote, a theme the writer had recently covered in an article.

Hi, _________,
Thanks for emailing. I am little outside the circles of promotion you describe in your article. I started blogging in '01 (after a longish gallery and print career) and it took the artworld 6 years to get online en masse (with the advent of Facebook). In those six years I mostly met and hung out with new media people, who were already online.
Troemel's essay is aimed mostly at new media people. Because a few of them showed at Spencer Brownstone gallery, for a one night only event, he drew the rather facile and incorrect conclusion that new media was a "minor league" feeding artists into the gallery system. As Paddy suggested in her comment, the essay shows that he is fresh out of school and doesn't know anything about the gallery system or artist motivations. If you gleaned anything else from the essay I'm happy to hear it!
Best, Tom