Blogger vs animated GIFs

Animated GIF complainers, you are in good company: most of the big Web companies completely agree with you. Blogger (the popular blogging software owned by Google) also doesn't allow you to upload animated GIFs to its image server--it converts them to single frame GIFs. You have to upload them elsewhere and link to them, or "hotlink" them off others' sites. Lets add that to the burgeoning list I noted in an earlier interview:

I like them aesthetically as "moving bitmaps" but part of their appeal is also that they've fallen through the cracks of the software giants' plans for world domination. Google Images doesn't include an "animated GIF" checkbox (only non-moving GIFs, and only in the advanced search), the Safari and Chrome browsers handle GIFs poorly, Facebook doesn't allow them, and people complain that even tumblr limits your ability to use them. They are becoming like the abandoned playgrounds and swimming pools taken over by skaters in the '70s, or the zone of the "recently outmoded" that, according to Dan Graham, is a good place for artists to be working.