"Graphic Absence"

"Graphic Absence" [mp3 removed]

Native Instruments' software synthesizer Absynth annoys for a number of reasons: overly arty HR Giger-ish display; odometer dials; too many presets that sound like vague electro world music.

This tune is based on a couple of beat presets that were messed with in real time: changing pitch, filter parameters and also the mix of oscillators. The changes were very disruptive, causing pops and crackles that had to be snipped out in the editing process. (Slicing out the noise or even redrawing the wave form by hand.) When my attention started lagging, listening to the live recordings, I added some drum hits from another percussion synth (Linplug RMV) with and without "midi echo." So this is a mix of organic and synthetic drum sounds, still vaguely world-folky but also American-suburban-nerdy.