glitch collection via net and mail


Databent work by two fellow users, AGT528 (left) and Scotty2Hotty69, printed out, mailed, and installed in my studio. Scotty's was a purchase; AGT528's is a trade (haven't sent mine yet).
Am thinking here about circulation among screen-based art, "social media," mail, and objects in physical space (could give it a fancy name like "Dispersion" but the reader will be spared--well, maybe "capitalism lite").
I have some work by LoVid, John Pomara, and others acquired by similar means; the beginnings of a modest glitch collection. Cue academic essay with footnotes about creating hierarchies and leveraging them for institutional power; yet, something about these errors of representation being something to aggregate and preserve appeals: a kind of underground network of treasured discards, tokens of a shared belief in the phrase "stop making sense," an invisible city of fifth floor walkups connected by mail and AOL.

Update: See next post. The point of the above jpeg isn't to document two pieces (hence no links to high def details) but as a simple thought experiment to envision how screen based work could translate into a domestic environment. The Umbrico jpeg referenced in the next post does anticipate that you will click through to additional documentation but the jpeg itself says very little beyond communicating a sense of vastness.