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WOWBROW via dumplr (a tumblr site that compiles dump.fm content)

Now the next step is to send this image off to mainland China and have it painted on canvas by photorealistic artisans and--oh, wait, that would be really lame because it's an eight year old idea, at least, and the jpeg is just fine without the bogus commodifyin'.

Update: per andrej: "wowbrow is simon whybray (hi simon), drummer for TEETH and he made this as an idea for promo/album art. not sure if it's still going to be used or not (no reason not to, it's good). TEETH is a three person ensemble of Simon Veronica and Ximon who are in that order represented by the triumvirate of etotems (e-idols? iidols?)"

Update 2: Simon Whybray explains more: "This is a mockup of our new press photo. I want to recreate this image. I would be Tom, Veronica would be the 4 eyed girl, and I guess we'll have to find a wig and a backpack for Ximon."

Update 3: dumplr link fixed. No one told me!