Duncan Alexander has an informative post on screen and print resolution and the uncertainties of scale for art and/or images in the digital arena.
One wonders who his intended audience is for this, since only five of us really care and we already know. Dragan Espenschied has covered it, I've covered it, Nullsleep has covered it, Jon Williams has covered it, and now Duncan. The computer-literate world just follows where Apple and Google lead and the art world is like "resolution? isn't that something a corporate board passes?" No one ultimately gives a shit about how art looks on a computer screen, is my cynical conclusion after preaching about it for several years.
The issue just reared its head in the real world. Recall that Nullsleep posted some CSS a few months back that you could put in your web pages to defeat the ubiquitous involuntary pixel-smoothing of modern browsers. Well, Google recently changed its Chrome specs in such a way as to override anti-anti-aliasing.
Resistance is futile: your experience of the web WILL be like smooth jazz even if they have to beat you to death with Kenny G's sax.