sandy thoughts

Two 100-year storms in the last three years - Global warming deniers, please kiss our asses.
Power was out for two days, internet for three. After that tree fell the floodwaters showed up. Am dry here on a higher floor but others in the neighborhood had it bad.
Listening to the transistor radio was nauseating. "If it bleeds it leads" stories alternating with treacly sanctimony and stiff-upper-lip messaging. Mayor Bloomberg was incredibly smarmy with his announcement that we didn't need Pres. Obama to come to NYC. Easy to say when you have multiple homes and a private police army - others could probably use some of that Federal assistance.
Gov. Chris Christie is a right wing talk show host masquerading as a politician. He's quick with the soundbites and cutting off reporters to sound decisive but basically a self-satisfied windbag.
The real heroes aren't these towering egos but the crews chainsawing trees to get them out of the road, sanitation workers picking up waterlogged debris in the dead of night, and cops deterring looters (much more useful than cracking heads of peaceful protestors in the off-season).

Update: Two days after Mayor Bloomberg requested that -- no offense! -- Pres. Obama not come to NYC because we were too busy here right now to accommodate him (paraphrasing, but that's what I heard him say on the radio) he, Bloomberg, had time to garner some headlines by endorsing Obama for president. Apparently he now thinks the President is the global warming prevention candidate.