"Spring Forward," "Sidbeats 4," "Hacker Fashion II (Hardware Version)"

"Spring Forward" [mp3 moved to Bandcamp]

"Sidbeats 4" [mp3 removed]

"Hacker Fashion II (Hardware Version)" [mp3 removed]

These are all one minute songs made with the new [as yet unadvertised] sampler/sequencer/groovebox. No later edits, just recorded the patterns I programmed in the machine. For sampled raw material I used "rompler" kits I've made previously, such as a collection of Sidstation beats or Vermona drum machine sounds, or recycled .wav files from earlier songs. "Spring Forward" uses mostly one-shot notes and loops done with Reaktor instruments in the last year or so.

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Some reactions from folks on dump.fm to my being banned on Paddy Johnson's blog. I was told I was blocked (after being a welcome commenter for years) because my criticisms of Will Brand were making him lose his will to work. (Anonymized)

i find it funny that tom moody of all people has that kind of reputation to the AFC staff - the only really temperate, understanding, kind, patient one left in the whole community

it seems perfectly reasonable to ban someone from a website because they consistently correct your ineptitudes right???

totally, you are nice and patient and they are impulsive/passionate/usually very stupid and the fact that you were upset with them so often made them look bad

tommoody being banned from afc is essentially like china censoring the internet

first they came for tom moody, and i did nothing, bc i wasn't tom moody

next they came for seamonkey

and i said nothing

On Jennifer Chan's terrible article about hiphop, published by Art Fag City without any apparent
editorial oversight:

that article is basically brad troemel-level sophistry, a lot of veiled racism even as she points out the veiled racism and others, and a criticism of a little kid's art

On the wisdom of criticizing Brad Troemel, one of AFC's favored artists:

let's never address what is wrong with what people write because it will give them 'free publicity'