DC Establishment types got very huffy and offended when took out an ad calling Gen. Petraeus "Gen. Betray-Us" for "cooking the books" on the so-called Iraq surge strategy. Now he's out of his current job as intelligence meister for the high crime of getting some on the side. The man's greatest accomplishments were prolonging two wars that shouldn't have been fought in the first place, woo, what a hero.
(Moveon scrubbed the ad from its website after Pres. Obama put Betrayus in charge of the Afghanistan "surge" [i.e., escalation of violence]. The message seemed to be "yeah he was a book cooker but now he's our book cooker.")

"Eat Your Greens (Suite)"

"Eat Your Greens (Suite)" [mp3 removed -- music video version can be found here]

Spent several days working on this "classical" composition. The idea was to write something for four modular synth voices controlled in real time by polyphonic MIDI notes. The reality was that, once the basic quartet was worked out, the voices had to be individually recorded and tweaked and some effects added. It was done in three sections, and changes in one part sometimes necessitated changes in others. So it was work.


"Semi-Aleatoric" [mp3 moved to Bandcamp]

A young man walks through midtown Manhattan, listening to a "glitch" loop on his personal stereo while cars and street musicians come and go in his audio cognition zone.