the rhizomatic branch not taken

Eventually acquired a substantial readership; suddenly I was not just a solitary blogger telling truth as I surmised it but an Institution.
The next step was to apply for (and win) a Meddlesome Capitalism grant, which required me to make certain changes to the blog. The site morphed from a string of rants into a magazine format, with teaser headlines forcing readers to click through to longer essays, thus increasing traffic counts for advertisers.
Whereas before I had championed blogs as a "pull" technology luring readers with content they couldn't find elsewhere, I was forced to return to the "push" of sending spam emails announcing each new blog post, and the many, many fundraisers I now needed for my upkeep.
I was forced to cover extensively events I formerly despised, such as art fairs.
And I acquired a staff of interns, mostly recent art graduates whose own agendas mainly consisted of stepping over me to gain connections and influence, and whose general cluelessness was matched only by their ruthless ambition.
Slowly, inexorably, I became the thing I hated and my blog became a duty rather than a pleasure for myself and readers.
And then I woke up.