tighten your belt because we don't have to

Blogger turned magazine publisher (or whatever) Josh Marshall did exemplary work back when Bush II was trying to privatize Social Security -- his blog kept running counts of which Democratic congresscritters were betraying their own constituents and eventually helped shame enough of them to thwart Junior.
This time around he's an Obot and only just woke up to the fact that fearless leader is proposing cuts to Social Security under the guise of "chained CPI" (a "settle for less" index). People, Obama isn't doing this to compromise with Republicans. He genuinely believes Social Security is "in crisis" (it's not) and has been saying so since the 2008 campaign. This is why it was hard to get excited about him in 2012: he stood a far better chance than Romney of sticking it to the old and infirm (despised by technocrats), because people think he is a liberal. Now he's doing it.