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“I'm afraid that I just blue myself”
by chaz giese & andre c. filipek, from Phone Arts

A digitally crumpled, vaguely Escher-ish phone leans against a wall in an ambiguously corporate, very blue space.
This is a familiar recursion of a "painting on canvas of a painting on canvas," except that canvases don't come in standard aspect ratios. Rather, this pic suggests the phone as subject and author, with the vertically-oriented rectangle reminding us of the phone-based imaging software possibly used in its creation. We don't know for a fact that the topologically-challenged handset was fabricated on a phone, however, or merely displayed on a blog with other phone art. We also don't know if there was an original photo-reference or if the entire image is synthetic. But there is certainly compatibility between this blue world and the sleek, airbrushed look of Apple-era phone graphics and hardware. For those who might not use or desire a smartphone (a rare and ornery tribe who don't want to be tracked, marketed to, irradiated, or timesucked), this is how a phone should exist: as a dysfunctional, abject, uselessly aesthetic piece of sculpture.

jaron lanier on the internet U curve

I recommend listening to this Jaron Lanier interview (hat tip Travis), with the video part turned off -- you don't really need to see him waving his arms and talking to the camera to get the gist.
He makes a good point that "the internet" in the Apple-Google-Facebook era is creating U shaped wealth (an inverse of the Bell Curve), with people getting rich by controlling hardware and/or data at one end of the U, bottom feeders preying on the poor with insurance and pharma scams at the other end of the U, and the vast majority of the public in the unpaid middle.
He posits Walmart as an example of where this is headed. That company got rich being the first to accumulate the data for a global distribution system, but then their chokehold on the economy became so strong that customers couldn't afford to shop there because they didn't have jobs.
(He doesn't mention Amazon but that's even more Walmart-y than Apple.)

Update: Whoops, just noticed I wrote Jared, not Jaron. Post title corrected.

"Limelite Coin Op Remix"

"Limelite Coin Op Remix" [mp3 moved to Bandcamp]

On the triphop tip, baby. (Whatever that means.) Limelite is a Reaktor virtual groovebox and most of this is straight-up from one of the presets, called "Coin Op." There are two keyboard riffs here (or rather, modulated and effected samples of keyboard sounds) - I wrote the first one and the second is by __________ (Native Instruments contractor - a genius). I also added the bass line and some percussion. I can justify making "music by kit" as, well, it's my ear and my final say, and this is giving me something I enjoy listening to, certainly more than if I just recorded twelve bars or so of Limelite playing. More of these are coming, I think.