"Tripod Shuttle"

"Tripod Shuttle" [mp3 removed -- updated version is on Bandcamp]

Two Reaktor Limelite patches ("Tripod" and "Shuttle") were recorded and mixed down to eight loop files (I wrote a couple of the riffs).
I moved the loops over to the Octatrack and applied timestretch so I could interweave them into a new tune.
This has a bouncy, early Plaid feel that I really like.


"Uhbeanan" [mp3 moved to Bandcamp]

A rare vocal sample (for me), some kind of scat singing I guess, that I shortened.
I took a couple of folders of the Reaktor Limelite "raw" samples (including that one) and moved them into the Octatrack as source material. This was written fairly quickly and but it was one of those "aha" moments.