domestic animal vortex phone painting


by Michael Manning, untitled post from Phone Arts
He didn't actually call it "domestic animal vortex phone painting" but Word Press software pretty much demands that every post have a caption so that's mine.
Don't want to dignify this with too much art historical blather but in lieu of "rad!" let's say it's an effective disposable image that delivers a surreal jolt while combining painting and photography in a demystified way. The painting dissolves the dog's head into a tornado of smeary color, slowing down the recognition factor and causing us to ponder the rather strange foreshortening of its limbs and the surrounding environment of what appears to be a tastefully appointed bedroom. The paint is not exactly given old master consideration but it does intelligently converse with the dog's head (turning it into a primitive mask before it explodes) and the sensuous crinkling of the bedsheets.