argument against twitter in tweet form

...also a reply to the outrageous flackery of financial blogger Barry Ritholtz, writing in the Washington Post. Originally posted on (bringing you barely consequential soundbites since 2008!):

twitter: for people who value fast-breaking over articulate

do you need the news of a bombing 15 minutes ahead of CNN? maybe -- if you live on that block -- but then you probably heard it go off

trying to use twitter for conversation and comment leads to instant misunderstanding because no one has space to explain themselves

as for apple buying twitter - yes, please do that - let's just ruin it and get it over with

if you follow "experts" for news and comment you also have to listen to their crap, and their convos with people you don't care about

blogger/WaPo writer barry ritholtz invests in twit-crunching start-up so of course he says twitter is a revolutionary medium

twitter excels for semi-conscious urban poetry but maybe not for stock tips, news of the revolution, or whether the subway is running