"House Dwellers"

"House Dwellers" [mp3 removed -- tune is now on Bandcamp]

All-Octatrack-and-Eurorack rendition of a House-like tune.
This is pretty crunchy, what with all the low-bit-depth and low-sample-rate sampling going on.
Am happy with the way this came together, using the Octatrack to MIDI-trigger and sample 1- to 4-bar motifs that are layered and arranged.
One modular synth riff was borrowed from "Soul Fusion Disassembly," the rest was recorded yesterday.

"Soul Fusion Disassembly" alternate mixes

Returning to all-Octatrack-and-Eurorack tunes:

"Soul Fusion Disassembly (Minimal)" [mp3 removed]

I hope this doesn't mean I have to start wearing pilgrim shoes.

"Soul Fusion Disassembly (Shark)" [mp3 removed]

Weaves in a modified sampled riff made with the Reaktor Shark softsynth. Funk meets dork.
Both versions feature an A7B (actual '70s breakbeat).