"Bass Transitions (Krypt)"

"Bass Transitions (Krypt)" [mp3 removed]

A portmanteau, as we say, of recent riffage: the synth bass line from "Bass Transitions" with some spooky pad and percussion sounds added, then the quasi-barrelhouse piano ending of "Jazz Funk Reduction" with added bass line, and then a new "alto" synth part to end the piece with a duet. A minute and a half of wanton eclecticism.

Update: Redone and re-uploaded. Decided the little tune at the end was stomping too much on the climax so it's now just a coda.

Update 2: Redone and re-uploaded again. It's now 2 min 39 seconds, the "coda" is gone (see "Carbon Credits"), and a new "alto" part was written for near the end.