please to be giving us your data

One of the post-Google Reader feed-reader companies emailed with an offer for a year free on its "pro" account. My emailed reply:

You may or may not have seen that I listed _________ along with other readers:
Thanks for your offer - I will think it over and/or try the "free" version.
I was not a big user of Google Reader and am less concerned than others with sharing info from feeds (that's what my blog is for).
Bloglines was adequate for me until they made you sign in every time you visit the site. Feedly is OK but I don't like having to depend on Google for sign-in.
I'm glad to see _________ offers the option to sign in via email. That may be an incentive for me.

If your spider sense was tingling about social bookmarking as early as you were correct since the sale of that company messed up all your "networks."
These companies want your data and data for people you're sharing with but you are a victim on so many levels. Statistical fodder for a startup's incredible journey, for openers, and this was before that brash young man fled to Hong Kong and revealed the worst case scenario about where all the information was going.