"Bass Transitions"

"Bass Transitions" [mp3 removed]

Used a couple of Reaktor instruments (Krypt and Monark) to make riffs for importing and assembling in the Octatrack.
The initial tune is bouncy and vaguely Latin; then it gets discordant and martial; then the "march" gradually and somewhat awkwardly finds its way back to the opening notes.
Awkwardly because the initial melody has been transformed by the surrounding notes in the middle section (without any use of offset) and has to slot back into its original groove (like gears being slightly out of sync).
My usual strategy in these instances is to stretch out the transition time. I might play around with other possibilities.

I've been volume-maximizing all my recent efforts after completion (as in, goosing them up to standard CD levels). Please drop me a line if it sounds too compressed to you.
The "loudness wars" are crazy but it's conform or be the runt of people's iTunes.
I've been making some CDs of songs and end up reducing the overall volume of the disc.
Mostly I listen at low volume levels so I miss whatever artifacts the maximization is causing.