technodiary, 2002-2005

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I made the "technodiary" blog in the early '00s hoping to have a place for music reviews. I didn't have time to develop it and mostly just cross-posted music-related material from my Digital Media Tree blog, which ran from 2001-2007.
"technodiary" is still up on Digital Media Tree but I put up an archive (mirror) page without comments (which were sparse) or permalinks for posts. No guarantees on which of the other links still work, but a surprising amount of them still do.
It's on a single long HTML page, that looks much the same as it did (does).
The writing preserves a catch-as-catch-can record of (i) some things going on then in New York such as the "electro revival," "circuit bending," the early 8-bit scene, and NY appearances of the BEIGE programming ensemble, (ii) the end of the vinyl, record store era, (iii) my first stabs at putting a music studio together and publishing songs outside of the iTunes/social media continuum (a hermetic practice that continues against all odds).