"Buzz Monument"

"Buzz Monument" [mp3 removed -- tune is now on Bandcamp]

Still working with that Vermona chord patch from "Carbon Credits"; here I am switching among the Perfourmer's mono-, duo-, and polyphonic modes.
(Which basically stack and unstack the chords.)
The unpredictability of those modes doesn't always work out so I recorded some long runs and edited down to a few parts (and snipped out a few bum notes).
This sounds like a waltz even though it's 4/4. For a couple of measures it veers into jazzy Nino Rota-ish territory.

Am also continuing to run the synth through one of those skeumorphic "guitar rig" cabinets of amps and pedal FX arranged in preset chains.
The timbre changes dramatically, but the amp sound isn't monolithic. Fairly light tweaks to the analog synth such as altering the "key track" settings will also change the timbre of the amp.

low-tech cloud-based soundcloud alternative

As we've been discussing, watching a cursor travel through a bowel-movement-shaped wave file is a fairly terrible way to experience music -- yet so popular!
So, what's an alternative?
Even watching a record spin on a turntable beats Soundcloud.
See, e.g.,
Wavemaker, "Lodestar" [YouTube]

The audio appears to be coming through a webcam mic, but it sounds damned good. Missed this British synth duo back in the day and was so intrigued by this YouTube I tracked down a vinyl copy on Discogs. The whole LP sizzles.

iPhone cognitive dissonance


Screenshot from Der Spiegel article about all the horrible US guv intrusions into iPhones, next to an ad boasting how you can get Der Spiegel apps in your... iPhone.
Apparently notions of "boycotting" or "voting with your feet" dwindle to nothing in the face of intense consumer desire for shiny Apple trinkets.

"King Sprout"

"King Sprout" [mp3 removed -- tune is now on Bandcamp]

Some riffs made with the Vermona chord patch from "Carbon Credits"; this starts out robotic and the tunes get sweeter as it progresses.
Am still using my Krypt rhythms from the last few tunes -- cutting them up and moving them around.