Boring Template

Just got my first candid inquiry asking why I switched to a worse-looking page when I moved to the new domain.

This is a Word Press template--they call it their "classic."

At the Tree the design was minimal CSS; Jim came up with it to be functional and beauty followed functionality, I believe.

The Word Press is more elegant in some ways, and way easier to use--I no longer have to type a-h-r-e-f to make a link.

But trust me, I know it's not as nice.

Part of the CSS conspiracy is you have to pay a designer megabucks to make a page that doesn't look designed. Or be a designer yourself, or make something slacker or dirt style.

I'm weighing how far down the design road I want to go with this blog. But I am thinking about it. Since I am an artist type, I'm even thinking in terms of content that clashes with the corporate look of the template (like the gnarly collage a few posts back).