Bassboggle Variations

"Bassboggle Variation" [mp3 removed]

Added a second syn-flute to this tune plus some more sax and took out all the bass and rhythm so this is more like a chamber piece now.

"Bassboggle Variation (Beatbox)" [mp3 removed]

Same as above but with a bass line and beatbox demo loop used in this older tune underneath.

Update: Yeah, I know, "syn-flute." Generally synths should sound like synths and not other instruments (samplers are a different story) so we're into some defaults kitsch here. The great thing about having rules for yourself is you get to break them.

Update 2: Reworked the "beatbox version" to make it more like the original tune and less like the "chamber piece." It still has the flute-and-sax middle section instead of the rhythm break but is less artified in terms of overlayed melodies. Also bumped the volume. It's now more of a "proper tune" even if a bit of a silly MIDI goof.