Fearmongers ridiculed

Jim Henley on the American right wing "imams":

If you think about it, the Islamophobic Right are setting themselves up as Imams of a sort. I’m talking about the bedwetters at LGF and Jihadwatch and Gates of Vienna and WND and beyond, the professors and pundits who insist that the Koran “really means” that all Muslims must engage in violent holy war against non-Muslims, and that any Muslim who doesn’t do this is “a bad Muslim.” We’ve had irruptions of this sort of person in UO comment threads from time to time.


But aside from the absurdity of a bunch of haoles* declaring themselves the authoritative interpreters of a religion they don’t practice and don’t even like, think of the pragmatic problems. There are clearly lay Muslims and Muslim clergy who argue against the doctrine that all Muslims are obligated to wage real war on all non-Muslims. Why would Westerners try to cut the legs out from under these people? What moron tells the Muslim in the next cubicle or across the counter or down the street, “No, you fool! You need to try to kill me!”

The only answer I can come up with is, “the stupid kind of moron.” Going forward, I think we need to start referring to these people as what they are, radical Imams. Promulgators of anti-Western interpretations of Muslim doctrine. Mullah Atlas. Mullah Johnson. Mullah Malkin. Mullah Farah. Mullah Pipes. By their own logic, we should deport them. Okay, we should clap them into camps and torture them by their own logic, but I’m against that kind of thing.

*Hawaiian for "foreigners."