Recent Finds on CDBaby

Have been vowing to check out other music on CDBaby in the same categories as the Scratch Ambulance CD. Here's what I found last night, by category:

Avant Garde: Computer Music

Model, by Simon Ho. "Minimalist composition." Indeed. The CD is four 15-minute tunes that are as plain as morse code. The composer suggests you multitrack them "by your own means" to layer them into Sol LeWitt-like combos: "1234, 123, 234, 134, 12, 13..." etc. Interestingly, though, you can use the play buttons of CDBaby's embedded media player to layer the tunes probably more easily than ripping and overdubbing the CD tracks--try it!
This is found interactive minimalism of the highest and most pristine order. Hats off to Mr. Ho for this.

Zuckung, by Amoebazoid. A Cycling '74 release, which means it's all Max/MSP. I haven't paid much attention to Max being hip deep in the competition (Reaktor and PC based music generally) but I enjoyed this tuneful ambient/Squarepusheroid outing.

Electronic: Electro

The Phantasmal Farm, by The Polish Ambassador. "I don't remember much of what happened that first night at the Farm. It was mostly a blur of neon wheat and seductive llamas, but when the Farm returned me to my human form, I felt as if I had learned a new language." Seeking to learn more about this purveyor of electro party music led me to this video, which I really like, especially the Ambassador's dance moves.

Cruelest Intentions, by Scrape. "Harsh, dark, raw industrial/electro." It has been compared to Skinny Puppy but I think I like it more. The vocals are Chrome-like and the rhythms recall The Mover, but harder and more stripped-down if that's possible.

Fira, by Liquid Weeld. "We are Japanese sound artists." Some nice textures gotten with a laptop, guitar, vocal and traditional instruments.