That's My Son

Disturbing music from the band John Locke Dies. The song is "That's My Son" [.mp3] and is a tribute to the beleaguered Michael from Lost, whose plaintive wail on losing Walt to the Others is remix material as canonical as the so-called Dean Scream, now that I think of it.

We heard it again in all its full throated glo-oh-oh-oh-ry in a recent "previously on Lost" because Michael has returned to perform one more mission for the Others. His guilt and blackmailability over Walt appears bottomless.

(thx to jmb)

Update: Salon's Heather Havrilesky, on this season's Lost:

Kill, kill, kill. In the old days, when in doubt, the writers solved plot problems with mysterious clouds, polar bears, Dharma initiative clues, and the appearance of some important figure in a person's past in the middle of the jungle. These days, plot problems are solved by killing or threatening to kill characters. We find out Charlie is going to die somehow, and then he does. Locke kills Naomi. Sayid becomes a paid assassin once he leaves the island. Juliet's lover Goodwin ends up killed, thanks to Ben. Jin is going to end up dead. Michael is trying to kill himself because he killed two people, but he can't, so now he has to kill a whole boatload of people before they kill the people on the island. And how did the episode end? With Alex's lover, Karl, and mother, Rousseau, being killed by sniper fire. Maybe they should change the name from "Lost" to "Killed."