two full screen art adventures

1. I "made" this:

object array jpg

"Bounded creativity, beauty, banality, despair" might be the tag cloud for Object Array by Arend deGruyter-Helfer (works on principles similar to the build-a-bike utility the Loshadkaites found)

2. The late Sol LeWitt was a great art thinker but not such a hot artist when you actually see his work in person. His stacked cinderblock-type sculptures do have a perverse stark appeal and hope to put up a collection of images of them soon.
As for his ubiquitous (and oft-painted over--by design or otherwise) museum wall murals, Jon Rafman's online versions (1 / 2 / 3) are much preferable. They actually dazzle as opposed to making you stand there saying "Wish these were as dazzling as they obviously want you to think they are."

Update: Apologies if you saw a black rectangle instead of artwork in this post. I used an older version of Photoshop to make a .png and belatedly realized my "alternate browser" wasn't reading it.