men are men, women are persons

...according to the Sacramento Bee, which apparently has a hard time writing the word "woman":

Obituary: Nation's oldest man, 112, dies in Sacramento

George Rene Francis, the oldest man in America, who lived through 19 presidents and saw Babe Ruth swat a homer, died Saturday in a Sacramento nursing home. He was 112.


Walter Breuning of Montana, 112 years and 98 days old, is now the country's oldest living man. Gertrude Baines of Los Angeles, 114, is the nation's oldest living person. The world's oldest person is Maria de Jesus of Portugal, 115 and 109 days old; the oldest man is Tomoji Tanabe of Japan, 113 and 101 days.

What's up with that? My guess is it's a way of getting around the boring headline "US's Second Oldest Person Dies." In terms of world news it's barely a blip without the paper's contorted deep-sixing of gender. But we certainly couldn't rule out rampant sexism at the Bee.