open note to Robert Wodzinski:

Sorry it took me a while to get to your your screen capture project. I'm subscribed to the pngmess feed now.
Screen captures as artistic artifacts can be interesting--part found object, part collage, and part documentation.
In some ways they are all we will have of our computers and the Net experience as we know it.
Links go dead (as with some 1st generation net art) and so much flies by in our experience that is never described in words.
The decision of what to capture, it seems to me, is a new form of photography with new, net-centric subject matter (or computercentric subject matter, or even non-net-centric or non-computercentric subject matter) and it merits consideration as an aesthetic. The best captures are not forced or self consciously artistic but are genuinely interested in preserving something that happens onscreen that one notices (whether an arrangement of images, temporary text, or some mix of content and supposedly invisible interface).
These were some ideas I had on seeing your project--keep up the good work.