Miscellaneous Song Dump

"Trog 2000" [mp3 removed] A troglodytic "rock" riff plus some beats. Eventually it may be a proper song but I can handle it like this.

"Compression Trance" [mp3 moved to Bandcamp] More art than club, very dense.

"Pro-53 Exactamundo" [mp3 removed] A song posted several times, done here with the Pro-53 (Prophet 5 clone-plus). An annoying whimsical early 80s-ish "computer music" ditty. A minor songwriting problem I have not been able to solve (having to do with the structure of the notes) makes this work-in-process.

"Tantric Misunderstanding" [mp3 removed] In the late '90s I used to check out a WNYU radio show called Friday Night Express for studio tape fodder. It all sounded like this (progressive house and trance). This one has some Mutated Sidstation growls and shrieks so it's not proper dancefloor material.

"Permanent Chase (2009 Remix)" [mp3 removed] Finally got a full-sounding version of this using the software limiter I did not have 3 years ago.