AOL: There's No Place Called Home

Didn't realize AOL pulled the plug on its blogs and some other hosted services at the end of last year. (Had a link to something on a "hometown blog" and read the abrupt notice of cancellation of all such blogs). Here AOL tries to solicit some good natured holiday humor and gets an earful from users:

Before there were "blogs" there was AOL Journals. People were more real there and not just blurting out worthless opinions like on the other blogging sites. AOL pictures was not only a good way to share your pictures, but was also a great fail-safe to store your invaluable pictures should your computer just up and die. These were quality services that, in my opinion, were unmatched by any other website or online community. AOL used to be a name you could trust. Now they just seem so shady...informing people (if you even get the "memo")... with less than a months notice...that they no longer will have a certain service. And the alternatives we have? Photoworks sucks! Blogger isn't as personal as Hometown was. Give me a break!