Another recycled Rhizome comment, this one about the IRL show at Capricious Space:

I enjoyed the performance by ASDF. As the IRL website described it, "With Mylinh Nguyen sitting in the gallery and David Horvitz chatting live from Golden Age in Chicago, ASDF made available an ephemeral show of 48 artists existing for only 4 hours. Each art work was available, one at a time, for only 5 minutes. The works were sized to print and available for download (also including instructions so that viewers may print the works using basic consumer technologies). After the 4 hours are up all the original files were deleted."

The 8 1/2 x 11 artworks inkjet-printed and hurriedly taped to the wall in a line around the room were nothing to write home about but it was interesting to see the webcam projection of the crowd in Chicago with their identical group of objects in a line around their room. It felt like looking through a doorway into a parallel universe. Who are these people standing around with their Chicago versions of the art? Is that Chicago-me mugging for the camera?

ASDF's was a work that took the real time/real space aspects of the gallery presentation into account, the internet vs white box dynamic, as well as the crowd or party vibe that became part of the art.