Robert Delford Brown, RIP

From the New York Times obituary:

In October 1964, Mr. Brown opened “Meat Show,” an installation of thousands of pounds of raw meat, hanging carcasses of beef, lamb and pork, in a huge refrigerator unit separated into chambers by lingerie fabric. Attendees arrived in limousines in the meat market district of Manhattan — hardly the fashionable neighborhood it has become — and wore their overcoats to view the exhibition, which was kept at 38 degrees Fahrenheit. Mr. Brown called the installation “the grand opening service” of his new church, and the opening was covered by newspapers around the world. The Sunday Telegraph of London called it “the world’s most perishable art show.”

Mr. Brown joyously agreed, in a statement to The Sun Herald of Sydney, Australia.

“Most of this meat will go bad in a few days, which makes the whole exhibition more exciting,” he said.

Update: We're discussing Brown as well as past and present "meat art" here.