"Picturing the Studio" Exhibition


I have some work in a show called "Picturing the Studio," opening Friday, Dec. 11 (tomorrow) at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Curated by Michelle Grabner and Annika Marie, the exhibition deals with studio or post-studio practices and visualizing an artist's methods from the appearance of the work (that's my spin, not the curators'). Artists include:

Bas Jan Ader, Conrad Bakker, John Baldessari, Stephanie Brooks, Ivan Brunetti, Ann Craven, Julian Dashper, Dana DeGiulio, Susanne Doremus, Joe Fig, Dan Fischer, Julia Fish, Nicholas Frank, Alicia Frankovich, Judith Geichman, Rodney Graham, Karl Haendel, Shane Huffman, Barbara Kasten, Matt Keegan, Daniel Lavitt, Adelheid Mers, Tom Moody, Bruce Nauman, Paul Nudd, Frank Piatek, Leland Rice, David Robbins, Kay Rosen, Amanda Ross-Ho, Carrie Schneider, Roman Signer, Amy Sillman, Frances Stark, Nicholas Steindorf, and James Welling.

The work of mine in the show is a pair of smaller "paper quilts" from this late '90s series, using office paper, photocopying, and cloth tape as a medium. (Back in the day I was calling this "corporate tramp art.")